Freedom of Speech- Illusion?

People in history fought for centuries to establish Basic Human Rights which we take for granted today. Nevertheless, it will surprise you when I tell you that one basic right is in danger of dwindling: Freedom of Speech.

Although we live in a very developed country with democracy, where everybody is allowed to give their opinion on things and won´t be punished with death penalty, it is not accepted in our society when you honestly express your thoughts. In the United States some universities banned some ´offensive´ words in order to prevent people from being hurt, especially when lots of different cultures and religious people have to spend time with each other. Educational facilities also set up a point (only one, with about a size of one square) where you are allowed to speak to people and voice your opinion. Isn´t is sad, that students are not allowed to be honest on every square meter at the campus? Additionally they have to play by the rules by not using ridiculous expressions like ´crazy‘ or  ´insane´.

Those words do not seem very offending to me but that probably depends on the personality. Yeah, it is on the dice that everybody is offended by different things but how bout general topics. Like the topic nobody really wants to give a statement on, except some daring comedians: religion. Should that personal and very delicate topic religion get a weaver of freedom of speech? The thing is that some people do really take it very serious and their whole life depends on their belief and therefore I understand why they might be hurt when I´d tell them that there is no evidence for this or that god´s existence. Nevertheless, all words can hurt, and everybody should think before unnecessarily insulting people but everybody should at least have the chance to do so.

In my opinion Freedom of Speech should be taken literal. Everybody is allowed to say everything. No weavers. No Exceptions. Of course you should be prepared for people talking shit about things you care about and that is something everybody should be able to deal with. People cannot ban discrimination with violation of Basic Human Rights.



In Austria, a developed country with all Basic Human Rights including same right for women or equality for all people (under the motto `all people are created equal`), freedom of speech also did not come up short. Maybe it is easier because Austria, except for Vienna, is not comparable with the huge ethnic and religious differences people are confronted with in cities like the Big Apple. Here, everybody is allowed to say everything and there are no restrictions in schools or universities. Hopefully it stays like thisS


As I lie here trying to touch nothing because my body burns like fire I wonder how I could forget to put on sunscreen. The lotion we never learned to appreciate because it is sticky and uncomfortable. So where does it come from, what exactly does in and when was it used first?

In the 19th century and before being nicely tanned was a sign of the lower casts for example farmers who had to spend hours in the sun working. Those who did not have to work, the wealthy people were pale. Life changed and so did beauty idols. Today the tan is beloved by lots of people and therefore institutions like solarium got more and more popular. Nonetheless those, and the sun, the priceless tanner, can be very dangerous if no blockage is used. This protection in form of sunscreen or –milk was invented 1933 as the bathing suits showed more and more skin and the problem sunburn became a new significance.Bildergebnis für Sunscreen

To obviate the redness and the consequences coming along with it like a higher risk for skin cancer, the fluid filters the UV-radiation. To be able to grade which lotion works the best, the producers always label them with their sun protection factor (SPF). Also the UVA protection factor, which should be at least a third of the SPF is very important.

So kids: Do not be ignorant as I was and use sunscreen. Thank you, Mr I-Could-Not-Find-Your-Name-On-The-Internet who invented it.


My favourites of this school year

As I first misunderstood the task #22and thought that we should choose three texts from other students that are very well written I made my way through the various posts on Edublogs and it was not easy to choose them. Now that I realized that I should pick them from my personal blog I´d rather skim the whole internet for good texts. You probably know that it always very hard to say positive things about yourself compared to compliments to other people and that´s my struggle. Nonetheless those are the posts I enjoyed writing the most. I don´t know if they are the best written ones-you could share your opinion and check them out.

The first story I was really very proud of was written last semester and is called another sad lovestory. Although I think I improved my writing skills since October last year I adore imagining love stories and I think I used just the right amount of swoon regarding how short the text is.

Second assignment I really enjoyed was my path.  I could use my own ideas and it was very special and personal as I wrote about my father. Still, I love all the creative writing tasks and I hope that we will go on like this next year.

Last but not least I am very satisfied with my book review of sharp objects. It was very time- consuming but I loved the book and therefore I like the result.

The truth is a cave in the black mountains

Task #1

This part of the story is about a small man who wishes to be guided to a cave on the Misty Island. Therefore he talks to Calum MacInnes who probably knows the way to get there and asks him to do him that favour. The narrator pays him and they head into the direction of the mysterious cave.


Calum MacInnes is a very tall, muscular guy who exudes great power and strength. The narrator describes him as “a tall loping man” with “hair streaked with grey, his face long and wolfish. Page 2”. Although the man is, as he claims it himself, a reaver, his house is very big and the narrator is often mentioning that fact. Besides that fact, his family members are described normal. He has a son with whom the narrator talks and a wife, who is not described.


The story in my opinion is going to turn out to be either an adventures story, thriller or myth. My first tip goes to the adventure story because it seems very adventurous when you search for something which is as mysterious as a cave with a stranger. That could be the start of a text in which the main characters become best friends and have lots of thrill on their way. I thought about the thriller too, but just because of the title. The readers do not know what he wants to find in the cave and maybe the narrator wants to expose a murderer and therefore he needs evidence from the crime scene or something like this. The beginning also could end in a myth but I do not think that a lot of myths are written in the first person’s perspective.


The second part of the story tells you about their journey to the cave on which they encounter a young woman who lives with her man in a hut in the forest and where they stop and eat something. They go on and reach after some time the sea which they cross with a ferry. Calum tells his story to the small man, that he has been to the cave once and therefore could effort the house and the bride price. Now it is made clear what the narrator will find in the cave: gold. Then the terrible weather starts and the reader finds out about the narrators immense strength and endurance as he pulls Calum, who is a lot heavier than himself once up with a rope and saves his life and overtake him as he runs a long distance. MacInnes is very suspicious and does not trust the small man any longer. The part ends as they reached the cave and made plans for going into it.


Now it is time for me to go inside. It is dawning and that is my sign. I am not afraid neither am I curious what there is hiding in the long shadows of the wide whole in the rocky mountain. My calm attitude is interupted as I feel MacInnes eyes in my back. I turn around only for seeing his massive back. His head heads into the other direction, away from the cave so I am not able to see whether he is asleep or not. The dirk is placed in the grass as the big man insisted and I mke a few steps into the cave. Now it is so dark that I am barely able to make out the silhouettes of my hand directly in front of my face. I don´t know what I have expected but I try to see something shiny, like gold. Unsuccessful. Something is roaring deep in the whole and I sprint out of it, thinking that MacInnes brought me to the wrong cave, fooling around with me. At the entrance of the black gorge I run into the arms of Calum who is blocking the way and holding my beloved weapon onto my breast through which my heart can be seen pounding.

never trust anyone

My bucket list


I once made a bucket list with things I wanted to achieve in my life. For this task now, I read through that list and had a few laughs because my goals changed (like myself) in the last years…

Here is my new bucket list (till 2020)

I want…

…to pass my A-levels with more or less good grades.

…to pass the “Abschlussprüfung” in both guitar and piano.

…to get better in my favourite sport volleyball. Because of my knee injury I lost two years of training. Therefore it would be great if I could catch up with the people in my age group.

…to know what I am going to do when I am finished with school. I hate decisions especially when they influence my future life a lot and I always welch.

But all in all: I just want to…

…to have fun, spend as much time as possible with the people I love. You´ll never know when our great time here is over and I´d want to be able to say that I am content with my life.

Therefore live every day like it was your last and do not look too much into the future.

Cinema or Netflix?

In today’s time, it is not that common for younger people to go to the cinema. Netflix rules the world for the youth, but shouldn´t the cinema be retained?

Cinema is a place where you can be part of a whole. There are loads of people, sitting in their king size seats, munching their popcorn, their eyes are focused in the huge screen. In spite of the great ambient, the room, lightened with the beamer has its dark sides.

The costs, only for the tickets are immense. Additionally it is not allowed to bring beverages nor food along, so you have to pay a fortune to get a little snack. Few people want to afford that and there are plenty of possibilities staying up-to-date with films.

Netflix for example is very cheap and you can decide where to watch and do not have to move somewhere else. Also series are getting hyped and there is no option to watch that on the cinema.

So all in all, it is great to have a cinema to go to when we want that extra feeling but for the casual nights I would propose Netflix &co.

My Digital Footporints

Being very curious what I would find if I googeled myself I rummaged the internet. Here´s what I found.

I did not expect a lot to find about myself since I am not a person who is very into social media and I like to stay in the background- Nonetheless I was a little surprised when nothing, but loads of Facebook Profiles popped up under my name (Just a side note-I do not have Facebook and a not very common name-that´s the reason why I was astonished at that). I scrolled a little further in the deep world wide web just to find out that people with the same name are part of the mother´s mild society (and)/or just bit the dust. Overall the only thing I saw about myself was in the ranking list about the Kangaroo-Test in our school.

I am very happy about that but I did not anticipate anything else. Even though I did not find a lot it was a very amusing experience;)



My Family


Family are the friends you are born with and cannot choose. They are the ones who support you and stand behind you,because they unconditionally love you. Here is a little peek into mine.

Let’s start off with my parents. On the one side, there is my totally workaholic mother, who is the one who made me to the independent girl I am now. On the other side, there is my protective father, who probably sees me still as his little baby girl but whom (sadly) I do not see very often. My parents are divorced, and my dad lives about 200km away from me. But that is the only Bildergebnis für Familydisadvantage, talking about the split up of my parents becauseI  get two birthday presents from each of them and I go on holiays twice so having divorced parents is really not that bad, as everybody Imagines. Also I got the chance to get to know my (now) step-father and mother and her children.

Talking about siblings, I have three sisters living in the same province as my dad and my other family. They are all older than me, but that does not matter when we spend time together, even though it is very difficult to find a few hours where everybody has time due to the fact that we are all very, VERY busy.

I could write a whole book about my huge patchwork family or maybe I should sign us up for a Reality-Show, because we are pure sit-com. We are no common family and imperfect in loads of ways but my family is reliable, supportive and very, very lovable.

My Gorgeous Sister

Hi, my name is Sabrina Pretzler and my amayzing baby-sister Fanni asked me to write a

little bit about myself for the blog of hers.

Actually, Fanni is my half sister, but I never really thought of her that way because she

was raised as though she were my „real sister“. We are four sisters, all equally different

from each other, but still enjoying time spent together. For family reunions we like to

chat, play games, go hiking and eat. Every once in a while we have an argument, but I

think that’s part of being a real family! Fanni and I share the passion of making music, be

it singing, playing the piano or, in her case, also playing the guitar. For special occasions,

for example for our Mom’s wedding in May last year, we even managed to put together a

little band of 4 sisters, as all of us enjoy singing.

I am the second oldest sister, I’m in my late twenties, I’m single and I don’t have a

fortune saved by now. I guess some people might think I haven’t accomplished what I

should have by now. But to be honest, I love my life! I have a good job which gives me

many opportunities to see the world – I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering so I

guess I’m not that much of a failure after all – and most importantly: I get to spend my

free time exactly the way I want to. In the evenings and on the weekends I usually play

Volleyball, go for a run, go climbing, be outdoors, hang out with my friends, go out

dancing, singing… I suppose most people would describe me as restless, positive and full

of energy. While this may sound exhausting, I really have to say that I simply want to

make every day count. My goal in life is not to wake up and some day feel like I was

missing out. Looks like I’m on the right path 🙂

What influences Happiness?


Happiness. Such a undefined word, for everybody it has a different meaning but everybody knows how it feels. Does the character of a person influence happiness and how are different character features formed in life? My answer is yes, but not always…

First of all, the people who surround you in the age of a toddler will probably have the most input on how a personality evolves. Loving and caring parents unaffected how wealthy they are, will (most likely) form a loveable descendant. Additionally if the parents set their child an example of living happily will that affect the future life and happiness positively.

There are many more other factors which influence a person’s happiness but health is not a point in my opinion. Of course, we should all be grateful to be healthy and appreciate that but physical condition should never affect psychic condition such as happiness.

So generally the character does affect happiness but if there is a balance between being loved and to love every person will be happy in some point.